you first.
finances second

We’ll just say it – most finance apps are boring, but they shouldn't be. You're not boring, so why settle? Customize the look to fit your style and switch it up anytime. Enjoy a solid finance experience that's anything but boring.


With our “Mix It. Match It.” function, you can make the Monemon app look exactly how you want. You choose your clothes, so why not choose your finance app’s look?


Master your money wisdom with the Cashy game, learning and teaching financial skills through the immersive world of MOWO.

Real you, meet digital you

Dive into MOWO and explore the awesome world of money management. Learn about finances in a fun, interactive, and totally engaging way!

Instant Payments

Whether you're paying a friend back or requesting funds, transactions are swift and seamless.

pay your way

Pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or our versatile banking cards. No card needed for seamless payments, but if you want one, we have the perfect options for you.

monemon debit card

Monemon Debit Card, designed to enhance your financial freedom and everyday convenience.

Let’s hang out

Connect with us on Discord and social media. We're all about making you feel like part of the gang!

Go green with us!
We care about the planet, so we offer eco-friendly options for your money.


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Mustamäe tee 16, Tallinn 10617, Estonia

Get ready for a super smooth, mobile-friendly money experience that's totally in sync with your lifestyle.

Monemon AS is fully legit and licensed. We play by the EU rules and are regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority.

"Monemon" is our official trademark, registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.